Printer problems…

A printer stopped working over the wireless… The HP officejet 6500 wireless.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting it to the network, I downloaded the HP Home Network Diagnostic Utility (hphndu.exe) and ran that, which said everything was working fine, and correctly printed a test page. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the drivers/HP software, it couldn’t re-find the printer automatically, so I specified the IP address ( and it then found it. It seemed to install correctly until about 98% when it couldn’t print a test page and said:

“Unable to communicate with your printer at this time. This may be caused by a Firewall. If you are using firewall software, verify UDP port 427 is unblocked from your printer…”

I checked the firewall, and it was already clear, I checked my router, and it was clear. After a while, I just chose to continue the installation ignoring the error, which I did, and it thereafter it worked fine!


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